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SICES INSTITUTE OF HEALTHCARE AND VOCATIONAL STUDIES INC. (formerly SICES PHILIPPINES CEBU INC.) was founded as a result of the growing need for English Language and Caregiving Services determined and established by 3 Filipinos in Alberta, Canada. In 1986, a need to share success-oriented methods and techniques in teaching English as a second Language prompted 2 teachers and a social worker to conduct a weekend workshop. The course fee helped in defraying the cost of materials and classroom rentals.

Although the evaluations by the participants were uplifting, the cost of newspaper advertising discouraged the group who suffered financially from conducting another one. Being active in many ethnic groups, a need to help overseas nannies and caregivers to have some theoretical background in rearing North America’s children, seniors and persons with special needs brought about many in service training. Participants pressured the seminar leaders to issue some kind of Certificate of Attendance. Many information meetings and seminars were conducted later SICES was formally founded on March 23, 1989.

The society received donations and space from friends, and in 1990 a small grant from Edmonton Further Education Council helped in putting a small but significant dent in improving the Caregiving services of SICES members.

On April 27, 1992, the Foreign Domestic Movement Program (a Canada Immigration Program whereby Overseas Caregivers can work temporarily in Canada) was replaced by the Live-in Caregiver Program or LCP. The LCP was designed to bring workers to Canada with strict qualifications. The equivalent of Canadian Grade 12 education, English or French, and 6 months training in Caregiving or a 3-year paid experience in Caregiving within the last 3 years prior to the date of application.

The training course was designed and pioneered by SICES in cooperation with the National Manpower Youth Council (NMYC) now Technical Education and Skills Development Authority or (TESDA), an agency under the Philippine Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE).

In May 1992, the Philippine Government approached SICES Canada for assistance in establishing a training center in the Philippines to comply with the April 27, 1992 New Immigration ruling of Canada with regards to the Live-in Caregivers for Canadian market.

In June 1992, after verbal endorsement from the Canadian Embassy in the Philippines, the proposed Live-in Caregiver Program (LCP) was obtained from the Philippine Government and the Canadian Embassy in the Philippines. SICES PHILIPPINES INC. was duly established and was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on June 9, 1992. It was then that SICES in the Philippines trade name Society for the Improvements of Caregiving and Educational Services (SICES).

In July 1992, while the course was being piloted, it became a joint project of SICES PHILIPPINES INC. and the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) of the Philippine Government following the recommendation of Consul Boise of the Canadian Embassy, whose rationale is to lend credibility to the course and to point course takers in the right direction.

At that time, there were many inquiries (individuals with less than 12 years of education) that were interested in training as Caregivers for Hongkong, Italy and Saudi Arabia are possible destinations. In order to accommodate these Caregivers, bound for these countries Ms. Julie V. Kraychy, now Ms. Julie V. Kallal, Program Director of SICES PHILIPPINES INC. and Director Vivian Tornea of the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) agreed that a proposal be made to offer a shorter course in Caregiving.

By then SICES PHILIPPINES INC. conducted the training for Caregivers bound for Canada, London, USA, in the Middle East, Europe and Asia using Caregiving NC II Course Program based on SICES and TESDA’s competency standards.

Since 1994, the school has been assisting other developing countries to put centers for caregivers. These countries are endorsed by their respective local government. International centers include the Philippines, Canada, Ethiopia, China, Bangladesh, Hongkong, Caribbean Islands and the West Indies.

In August 7, 2018, the new set of young Board of Trustees of SICES decided to carry on the business and named it as SICES INSTITUTE OF HEALTHCARE AND VOCATIONAL STUDIES INC. a new name with a wider perspective in providing a world class Healthcare and Technical Vocational Courses.

Presently SICES INSTITUTE OF HEALTHCARE AND VOCATIONAL STUDIES INC. continue to live to our Mission and Vision in MAKING A SIGNIFICANT DIFFERRENCE in Providing a Market intensive & Internationally Recognized Healthcare and Technical Vocational Education.

Our Services

Internationally Recognized Training

SICES INSTITUTE OF HEALTHCARE AND VOCATIONAL STUDIES INC. lived up to its Mission in making a significant difference in the Healthcare and Technical Vocational Industry by providing a well-designed, carefully developed, properly implemented and progressively evaluated Healthcare and Technical Vocational Courses. Such courses must be governed, endorsed and is current, career oriented, user friendly, market…

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Excellent Performance Rating

We at SICES INSTITUTE OF HEALTHCARE AND VOCATIONAL STUDIES INC. maintained our strong impact in the healthcare society particularly in educating and producing quality licensed caregivers in town having an excellent track record in terms of TESDA’S National Competency Assessment NC II Examination passing rate and highest deployment rate abroad for 26 years. We make…

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Job Linkaging Program

We assist our graduates in finding employment both locally and abroad.  We have affiliated several institutions in Japan particularly in providing a Free Japanese Language Course that will eventually help our graduates to find an employer in Japan.  Moreover, this institution in Japan will be the one to assist in the processing of the necessary…

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