E-Learning Class

New Learning Modalities is an emergency response to COVID 19 pandemic which affects greatly the education sector particularly in the delivery of training ang teaching methodologies which is a great challenge to the whole education system in times of crisis to adjust to the best possible circumstance to shift from the traditional classroom setting to BLENDED FACE-TO-FACE training delivery as it poses the least possible risk of  transmission of the said virus towards both the students and teachers. SICES INSTITUTE OF HEALTHCARE AND VOCATIONAL STUDIES INC. adopts this new normal learning modalities for CAREGIVING NC II COURSE. This institution is developing its Learning Management System (LMS) as a practical solution to address the educational system’s crisis in order to return to normality quickly as possible. In the next few days this e-learning system will be available to prospective students or trainees who would like to enroll through this type of learning modalities.

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